• Lose Inches with i-Lipo


    Losing inches with i-Lipo treatments is safe, simple, & painless. i-Lipo treatment system is FDA cleared and has

  • Get Immediate Results


    Immediate results without pain & downtime is now available. We all like instant gratification, and this is exactly

  • Targeted Fat Reduction


    Lose inches with targeted fat reduction in typical problem areas including: chin, upper arms, abdomen, or thighs. Fat

Clinical Resarch


FDA Approval

Chromogenex Receives FDA Clearance for Circumferential Reduction for i-Lipo Body Contouring System Newly introduced to U.S. market, successful system is leading option fo... Read More


Frequently Asked Questions

At Define Laser Medi Spa we use the i-Lipo noninvasive laser body contouring system as part of a healthy lifestyle transformation. Our goal for every client is to become healthier while losing inches. We screen all prospective clients for metabolic issues that might interfere with the process and provide every patient with the tools needed to get slimmer and healthier and stay that way... Read More


Body Shaping Comparison

This report is intended to describe and compare three of the current widely used technologies within the medical and aesthetic communities to achieve body shaping or fat reduction treatments: invasive laser lipolysis, non-invasive low level laser therapy and ultrasound. The key outcome of all of these treatments is the reduction... ... Read More